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Happy Tails

Adopted Pets from Second Chance Animal Rescue of CT

Minnie    When Jen Zinzi  first saw Minnie she could not get her off her mind. Minnie was curled up in her bed at the shelter quiet and obviously very scared. Jen brought her husband Sal to meet her and the next day Minnie, now Mona was in her new home in Bethel.  Mona needed over 20 teeth pulled and often presented challenging times for her new owners as she learned to live in a house and out in the world for the first time.  “She has grown to trust us slowly but surely” says Jen.   “ It is incredibly rewarding to see her doing new things like running up and down stairs or playing with toys..  Mona brings us such joy”.

Prince1.jpgPrince2.pngPoor Prince!   He came to Second Chance weighing just 4 pounds!   His teeth were so badly infected that all but two needed to be pulled.  He suffers from knee dysplasia which is a result of living in a tiny cage without walking.

Today Prince lives like one! His new name is Truman and lives with Amy Kosh in Branford, CT. She soaks his food for him so that now he is able to eat normal portions.  Truman now weighs in at 7 lbs and is usually being lovingly held by one of his adoring family members.

Rhianna1.jpgRhinna2.pngRhianna is a typical puppy-mill dog having endured being bred countless times and also having heart-worm and hip dysplasia. Her gums were infected and 7 of her teeth needed to be pulled. Needless to say,  she was underweight and undernourished.  At age six when her breeding life was over, the puppy mill was going to put her up for auction.  This is where her luck changed.

Second Chance Rescue rescued her and spent 7 months rehabilitating and socializing this very shy girl. She was able to come to Connecticut and get proper medical attention through the generosity of  Ridgefield Operation Animal Rescue.

Today Rhianna goes by her new name of Annie and lives with her new owner Elizabeth Isaacson of Ridgefield, CT.

“She wasn’t a happy dog when she came here, but now she is”  says Elizabeth.

Littleman_2.jpgLMconcert.jpgLittle Man  Litte Man is a 4 year old Yorkie mix from a Missouri puppy mill that was going out of business.  He came to CT on transport and was adopted to a volunteer who was fostering him and just could not give him up.  Little Man now shares a home and bed with 2 beagles and a dachsund/papillon mix.  He is very loved and he knows it. Debbie Murray of Ridgefield, says "He's adjusted so well in his new home.  Everything around him is new.  Sounds, smells, even walking on a leash.  He's just amazing. We love him so much"

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